2018 School Calendar

The 2018 School Calendar is published for the period January 2018 through January, 2019.  Every effort is made to adhere to the calendar as published.  Unscheduled closings of school usually happens due  to weather conditions.  When such events occur, students are notified through their CELL PHONE with a voice as well as a text message as soon as possible.
January:  school opens, Monday (8th)Closed, Monday (15th):   February:  no closings:
March:  school closed for Spring Break: (Monday 19th through Friday 23rd):   April:  no closings::    
May:  school closed Monday (28th):     June:  no closings:   July:  Closed, Wednesday (4th):
August:  no closings:     September:  closed Monday (3rd), Monday (10th):  October:  no closings:
November:  schools closed: Monday (19th) through Friday (23rd): 
December:  schools closed: Monday (24th) through  Friday, January (4th) 2019     
January 2019:  school opens, Monday (8th).                               
Students at Language Exchange International are kept informed of their academic progress by the issuing of Progress Reports.   Progress Reports are issued on the dates below through the Registrar’s Office.  Given the ‘circular curriculum’ which provides students the opportunity to begin school on any Monday (or first day of a school week), students are ONLY evaluated on the work completed during their actual time in the classroom.  This ‘personalized progress report’  builds the confidence of each student in the individual learning plan.
February 12th:        April 9th:        May 21st:        July 2nd:        August 13:        September 24:        October 29:        December 10 (final):
The Class schedule for students at Language Exchange operates 4 days per week, Monday through Thursday, each day 4.5 hours for a total of 18 attendance hours per week.  Daily learning activities may vary but in general, the first 2 hours of class time focus on Reading and Writing and the following 2 hours of class time focus on Listening and Speaking.