About Us


The School’s Mission

  “The Mission of  The Language Exchange  is to address the needs of  the “English as a Second Language” (ESOL) student by providing an engaging learning environment, where the individual educational needs of every student are met through a carefully designed and graded curriculum, applying the Conversational Approach Methodology in the teaching of Reading, Writing, Listening and Speaking, as implemented by professional teachers, committed to assisting every student in achieving the Goals and Learning Outcomes of the program.  Given the support of the Administration, the Language Exchange continues to strive for Academic Excellence.”

 Language Exchange has been  teaching courses in the English Language for over 40 years.  The program is available to interested individuals 16 years of age or older.  The emphasis of the program is focused on the skills of Reading, Writing, Speaking and Listening.  The progressive learning process for students begins with a Placement Inventory review that determines the appropriate level to which the student is assigned.  Levels of learning increase in intensity as to students progress upward on the ladder of learning.  Every Language Exchange student is provided with the essential tools in learning the English Language.  The Language Exchange GOAL for EVERY student is to build knowledge and confidence with the English language to the level of  mastery.  That is why we have had success for over 40 years and still one of the leaders in the education.
The Language Exchange continues to educate students from around the corner to around the globe.  The program is fully accredited for all individuals and is approved for the registering of I-20 students  by SEVIS and immigration.

Approved for I-20 students as well as any individual seeking to learn the English Language and you require more information, please  call  561-368-3913,  daily from 10AM -4PM EST.

The Language Exchange is also approved to issue the “Change of Status Applications” at a very friendly student price.