Program of Studies

Program of Studies

The goal of Language Exchange International, is to provide every student the opportunity to excel in the learning of English as a second Language.  Our program has an excellent curriculum and a well-designed program taught by qualified professional teachers whose goal and mission is to guide every student to succeed.  Students need to focus on their classwork and assignments and realize the importance of putting forth the effort, the energy and the desire to learn.  We guarantee every student registered in our ESL program the very finest education possible.
  1. The Program of Studies offers the following Levels of intense English as a Second Language:  Introduction, Level 1, Level 2, Level 3,   Level 4, Level 5, Level 6a, Level 6b.   [After a student has completed Level V, they have the option to enroll in one of the two courses offered at the advanced level, either (6a- English for Academic Purpose  or (6b- English for Business Purposes (EBP).  These two courses are both offered at the same level in terms of language skills, however each course offers a different tract or content.  After a student completes one of the two courses at the Advanced Level, the student is considered to have completed the program assuming they have demonstrated Satisfactory Academic Achievement of the student learning outcomes at the highest level.  However, should a student wish to take the course with alternate content, the student may complete a course request form.  Upon approval by the Academic Coordinator, the student will be allowed to register for the alternative course at the Advance Level. If approved the student will take 6a and 6b courses].
  2. To remain in the Program, students must demonstrate “Satisfactory Academic Progress”.  This means that a student must pass all courses with a minimum grade of 70% – 79% (C) or better.  The grading systems is as follows:  A=90%-100%: B=80%-89%: C=70%-79%:  D=60%-69%.
  3. A student who should fail to achieve the minimum 70% (C) in a course, will have ONE opportunity to repeat the same course and to achieve the 70% grade.  If a student should fail to achieve “Satisfactory Academic Progress” after two attempts, the student will be asked to leave the program.  To help students, the school provides  a ‘pull-out” program of Tutoring for students who are not achieving “Satisfactory Academic Progress”.  This program occurs during the regular class time, at no cost to the student.  As stated previously, the Goal and the Mission of this school is to see every student succeed.
  4. Students are reminded, that over the length of their enrollment at Language Exchange International, a student can only take advantage of the opportunity to repeat a course ONE (1) time and,  there can be no more than THREE (3) courses repeated.  Any student reaching a FOURTH (4th) time, will be dismissed from the program.
  5. A student who successfully achieves a grade of 70% or higher in both Reading/Writing and Listening/Speaking courses has demonstrated that they have achieved the Student Learning Outcomes for that level and will be advanced to the next level at the beginning of the following term.  Success!
  6. Each of the Levels as noted in paragraph #1, take a total of 16 weeks to complete.  A Grade/Progress Report is issued at the 8th week and the 16th week of the course.
  7. If a student entered the Program of Studies at the Introductory Level, had not repeated courses and, took both elective courses (6a and 6b), the entire program will take 32 months.  If a student repeats a maximum of THREE course, the entire program will take 36 months (3 years).  
  8. Students who utilize the 1 week vacation for every 3 months in attendance are provided an opportunity to makeup all work.  During the year the school calendar has allowed for 4 weeks that school is closed due to individual holidays and days of observances as well as a winter and spring break. The actually class-time is 48 weeks per year.   
  9. The school will publish a calendar of the 16 week sessions in advance so that students can plan their earned vacation time.  The school recommends that students DO NOT take vacation time DURING the 16 week session but rather take the earned vacation AFTER the end of a session and before moving on to the next 16 week session.  
                                             LANGUAGE EXCHANGE INTERNATIONAL – ACHIEVEMENT SCALE
Language Exchange International offers 7 levels of instruction, labeled from Intro to 6. Expected proficiency and achievement is explained in the table below. The scale below summarizes the student learning outcomes which you should achieve at the end of a level. Your progress report will indicate the level that you have completed.
Level Intro

Low Beginner


Read short sentences and simplified passages. Write short sentences with subject-verb-object form and simple questions. Understand simplified speech, spoken slowly on everyday topics. Respond to simple questions with personal information and speak on simple, basic topics.
Level 1



Understand simple reading passages of one or two paragraphs. Write simple sentences expressing ideas about daily life. Understand basic information of short, simplified listening passages. State basic needs describe personal experiences and ask simple questions.
Level 2

Low Intermediate


Preview texts using a variety of strategies. Read for main ideas and details. Write paragraphs describing a or personal experiences. Listen for causes and effects. Listen for tone of voice and intonation. Give a group presentation or a brief impromptu speech on an everyday topic.
Level 3



Determine sequences of events and distinguish fact and opinion in reading passages. Write paragraphs with clear main ideas and supporting examples. Identify general and specific information in listening passages. Articulate ideas in group discussions and give short presentations on common topics.
Level 4

High Intermediate


Read and identify main ideas in articles and texts including purpose, tone, and details. Develop a 3-paragraph descriptive or opinion essay. Identify main ideas and details in radio reports and conversations. Give an oral presentation expressing multiple points of view.
Level 5



Read authentic newspapers and magazines. Write a process or persuasive essay incorporating a variety of structures, vocabulary, and supporting details. Comprehend authentic podcasts and speakers point of view in speeches. Express opinions fluently and spontaneously in debate; deliver clearly-structured presentations with accurate vocabulary and pronunciation.
Level 6

High Advanced


Identify and infer ideas, viewpoints and details in long academic texts and authentic newspapers and magazines. Write 5-paragraph analytical and argumentative essays on academic or business topics. Comprehend academic lectures spoken at native-speaker level. Interact in academic or business discussions and give presentations while speaking fluently and intelligibly.


  • Questions about the program should be directed to the Vice-President of Education/CEO, Dr. Gerald J. Luongo at the following email address: