2021 School Calendar

 COVID-19 Special Announcement:  

Language Exchange has been providing online classes since the Social Distancing order was put into place.  As of May 03, 2021, the school will continue with an online program.   

The 2021 School Calendar is published for the period January 2021 through January, 2022.  Unscheduled closings are due  to weather conditions.  When such events occur, students are notified by a voice message and a text message via their cell-phone.
  • January:        School opens, Monday (04th)Closed, Monday (18th)
  • February:     Closed, Monday (15th)
  • March:           School closed for Spring Break: (Monday 15th) through (Friday 19th)  
  • April:              No closings   
  • May:                School closed Monday (31st)    
  •  June:              No closings      
  •  July:               No closings 
  • August:          No closings        
  • September:  Closed Monday (6th)
  • October:       Closed Monday (11th)
  • November:   Schools closed: Monday (11th), Thursday (25th) and Friday (26th)
  • December:    Schools closed: Monday (20th) through Friday, December (31st) 2021      
January 2022:
School opens, Monday (3rd).   
  1. I-20 students are entitled to 1 week vacation for each three months in attendance.
  2. There is a mandatory attendance requirement of 18 hours per week, Monday through Thursday.
  3. Students have the option of attending one of the following programs:  8am-12:30pm or 6pm-10:30pm.
  4. Any unexcused absence must be made up hour for hour on Friday, 9am-1:30pm of the same week.
  5. Language Exchange has a rolling enrollment.  New Students may begin class on any Monday during the school year.
  6. Language Exchange operates on a 12 month basis.  Each ESL course requires 16 weeks of study.
  7. The ESL program provides studies in Reading, Writing, Listening and Speaking taught daily.
  8. Students are placed into a Course Level based upon the results of a Placement Test taken after registration.  The Placement Test is available on Monday thru Thursday between 10:00am and 4pm.  If these times and days are inconvenient, every effort is made to accommodate the student.  Please call the Registrar for an appointment.
  9. Language Exchange provides the following  ESL levels:  Introduction, Levels 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6a, 6b and 6c.

Academic Calendar – Trimesters

                           Trimester                   Start                     End

                         1st:                              January 4               April 30

                        2nd:                             May 3                      August 19

                        3rd:                             August 23               December 16