Calendars and Academic Information

For the balance of the 2021 Academic Year please be advised 

Language Exchange will continue with its VIRTUAL on-line program until further notice.

Students are notified of unscheduled school closings via  a voice  and text message sent to cell-phones.

2022  School Calendar

  • January:        School opens, Monday, (3rd)Closed, Monday (17th)
  • February:       School closed, Monday (21st)
  • March:           School closed for Spring Break: (Monday 14th) through (Friday 18th)  
  • April:              School closed, Thursday and Friday, (14th and 15th)   
  • May:               School closed Monday (30th)    
  • June:              No closings      
  • July:               Monday, July 4th. 
  • August:          No closings        
  • September:    Closed Monday (5th)
  • October:         Closed Monday (10th)
  • November:     Schools closed:  Wednesday (23rd), Thursday (24th), Friday, (25th)
  • December:     Schools closed:  Thursday (22), through Friday, December (31st) 2022      

    2022 Academic Calendar – Three Trimesters, each 16 weeks

                               Trimester                   Start                     End

                             1st:                              January 4               April 29

                             2nd:                             May 2                     August 19

                             3rd:                              August 22             December 16

  • Language Exchange is approved by SEVIS for I-20 students.  The Language Exchange program is also available to any individual 16 years of age or older, in the learning of English through by an approved curriculum focused on Reading, Writing, Listening and Speaking.  The School’s Curriculum is accredited by CEA.  All Students are provided a  Placement inventory taken after registration.  The Placement inventory is available on line or may be taken in person at the school’s office (by contacting the Registrar) at the main office (561-368-3913) or in person Monday thru Thursday between 10:00am and 4pm.   

                                                                    An overview of the program:

                                     “Language Exchange Preparing Students for the future”

Language Exchange Offers a comprehensive educational program, carefully designed to provide mastery of all the components of the English language, step by step, by building on understanding and comprehension.  

  • Beginners are introduced to the English language slowly, ensuring that there is comprehension. This method begins at the Introductory level and continues through Levels I and II. Consistency and study are essential in this beginning phase of learning.
  • After students have demonstrated a mastery at the beginner levels,  they move-on to the Intermediate Levels  III and IV that are more challenging.  Students now have a grasp of basic conversation, are able to use “colloquialisms”, write and speak with few errors and demonstrate the ability to read, speak and write more fluently.
  • Students then advance with confidence to Advanced Level V.  Although  challenging,  our teachers instill the  needed confidence required for students to become more comfortable in reading, writing and speaking as well as  becoming astute listeners that is so very important in the learning process.  Advanced students begin to write in a conversational tone, with attention to detail and mastering the use of verbs and tenses, as well as appropriate uses of punctuation. 
  • At this point, students are exposed to three advanced levels/programs developed by the Educational Committee of the school, designed at opening a plethora of  employment opportunities for Language Exchange students: English for Business Purposes, English for Academic Purposes, English for Hotel and Tourism Careers.
  • For all students:  Language Exchange provides TWO Academic sessions per day.  Students are to register for one of the daily sessions.  Monday thru Thursday, 8am – 12:00am or 6pm -10pm. 
  • For I-20 students ONLY:  you are required to attend a minimum of 16 hours per week.  Unexcused absences must be made-up hour for hour by arrangements with the teacher.
  • For I-20 students ONLY: you are entitled to 1 weeks vacation for every three months of perfect attendance.