General Information

General Information 

  1. All I-20 students attend class, Monday through Thursday, 4.5 hours per session for a total of 18 attendance hours per week re: SEVIS requirements. Two sessions available:  8am-12:30pm and 6:00pm-10:30pm.
  2. All school days missed due to unexcused absences are to be made up hour for hour on Fridays, 9am-1:30pm.
  3. The school has a rolling enrollment: following registration and a Placement Test, students may begin class on any Monday  or the next day if school is closed on a Monday.
  4. All students are issued a Student Handbook  when registering.  Every new student is provided an orientation session.
  5. Language Exchange International does not have a Homestay program available. Also, LEI cannot recommend specific housing accommodations nor act as an agent in locating accommodations for students. However, LEI will gladly provide you with a listing of hotels, motels and approved and licensed rooming houses provided by the Chamber of Commerce. This listing also includes information on public transportation. This list is available by writing to


  1. To expedite the process, all fees can be paid on-line.  A list of fees are provided.  You may NOT require all services so please read carefully:
    • Required: $125.00 non-refundable registration fee.
    • Optional:  $800.00 for a change of Status by Language Exchange International 
      • If an outside attorney has completed your I-20 Change of Status, a $100.00 processing fee is required.
    • Required: $150.00 fee to overnight an I-20.
    • Optional:  $150.00 fee for a Tourist Visa Extension. 
    • Not sure?  Have questions?  Call our USA office:  561-368-3913 (8AM – 5pm, Monday through Friday, Eastern time).
    • Required: Students must have a SET of books (2) for all courses offered at Language Exchange.  The total cost is $30.00 and may be purchased when the student enrolls at the School.  We do not buy books back since they will be written in as part of the Interactive Program.


  • A student who opts for the “Special Promotional Rate” of 16 weeks at the reduced rate of $125.00 per week, will pay $1000 on the first day of class and $1000 on the second month of class for a total of $2,000, which will cover the payments for 16 weeks. After the initial 16 weeks, the student starts paying $500 every four weeks.

Refund Policy

  • The Application Fee of  $125.00 is NOT refundable.  
  • If a student withdraws, Language Exchange will refund any unused days of classes prepaid, at the rate of $25.00 per day.
  • The school cannot refund any other fees including the cost of textbooks which are the property of the student.