General Information

Language Exchange will continue with its successful Virtual/on-line program.   The school will continue to offer students two sessions from which to choose: 8:00 AM-12 Noon or 6:00pm to 10:00 pm Monday thru Thursday.

  • Total cost $125.00 per week.
  • Books can be purchased directly online by the student.  
  • For additional information or questions  call 561-368-3813 (9am-4pm, M-F) and speak to one of our helpful advisors.
  • Leave a message 24/7.  We will return your call!
  • Minimum age for students who wish to attend LEI is 16 years of age. The school has a rolling enrollment: following registration and a Placement Inventory, students may begin class on any Monday or the next day if school is closed on a Monday. All students are issued a Student Handbook  when registering. 
  • Every new student is provided an orientation session.

 Language Exchange provides an Internationally  Accredited  Curriculum.  All Students will take a placement interview and a survey regarding the students’ goals.  

Language Exchange  is excited to announce College opportunities for students who choose to learn with us!

Language Exchange has partnered with American National University and the University of Fairfax.  For students interested in pursuing a college degree in a wide range of programs, both of these Universities offer Associate’s, Bachelor’s, Master’s, and Doctorate degrees . Students can study both online as well as in person. Language Exchange will offer a comprehensive TOEFL iBT course required for acceptance into any college or university.  Information is available for all interested students.


A quick and easy guide for all  I-20 students at a glance:

    1. Remember, when in doubt, call us and we will help.  561-368-3913.  Or email us at
    2. To expedite the process, all fees can be paid on-line. 
    3. A list of fees are provided.  You may NOT require all services so please read carefully:
    4. Required: $125.00 non-refundable registration fee.
    5. Optional:  $800.00 for a change of Status by Language Exchange International Required.
    6. Optional:  $150.00 fee to overnight an I-20.
    7. $150.00 fee for a Tourist Visa Extension. Not sure?  Have questions? Call 561-368-3913 EST
    8. USA Office hours (8AM – 5pm, Monday through Friday, Eastern time)
    9. The Application Fee of  $125.00 is NOT refundable.  
    10. If a student withdraws, Language Exchange will refund any unused days of classes prepaid.
    11. The school cannot refund any other fees.